Welcome to my FISH page!

GET YOUR MOPy FISHHERE!!!get yo0ur fish here!!!

I have been keeping fish since I was 7 years old, when I got my first fishtank.

I am currently fishless, as I had to give up keeping fish before coming to Bangor University in order to study Marine Biology. The Marine biology course is run by The School of Ocean Sciences in Menai Bridge, over the bridge on Anglesey.
I would have preferred to do an Ichthyology course, but they're not available in the U.K. (at least not at Undergraduate level).

For the last 3 years, I had a 48" x 15" x 12" tank with many species of tropical (freshwater) fish, including a few Discus and a breeding pair of Angelfish. The rest of the fish were mainly Tetras and Corydoras with a number of other catfish (Whiptails, Ancistrus, Pecostomus). At one time, there were over 50 fish in the tank.

During the last year, I worked at a tropical fish shop called Paul's Aquatic World, in Kilburn, London, where the knowledge I gleaned over the 11 past years proved very useful to not only the customers, but the staff as well!

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Any questions about keeping fish are more than welcome here: james_stapley@hotmail.com . I really mean that, so if you do have a problem, or just want to talk fish, give it a try!

Sorry this isn't longer, but I am expanding a lot of other pages as well as this one, as well as attending lectures and doing other studenty stuff...Actually this is disgracefully short and is quite near the top of my Things to Redo list; I am working on it RIGHT NOW...

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