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Welcome to my Links page; it includes both links to my friend's sites and also other sites that I think are worthy of a visit!

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My Bookmarks. This is probably the most rapidly changing thing on the the moment.


Gareth's homepage WOW! after like YEARS he's doing something. Hurrah! YOU MAY NOTICE CERTAIN *AHEM* SIMILARITIES BETWEEN MY PAGES AND HIS. A RESULT OF A NUMBER OF CRAFTY 'CUT&PASTE' OPERATIONS. NICE ONE GARETH. Talk about an express flipping website. Jeez...
Mail him and tell him! Oh, and please inform him of Netiquette like NOT skanking stuff off my page. sheesh...just click here!
GARETH: everyone knows my page was here before yours... Slanderous comments indeed...

James Stuart's home page; It looks nice. Remember, he just has a better artistic sense than me; I showed him how to work this thing. And since he's an arts student he has LOTS of time...Oh, and he doesn't do any dodgy stuff, oh, no... (inside joke (no he doesn't hack)).

Charlie Bartlett's Home page. He spends far too much time on it. Also, therefore, an arts student. He also maintains the University Mountain Walking club page. Therefore his homepage also echoes this outdoor fever he has. Why anyone would ever want to climb up a mountain on the weekend in pouring rain as fun is well beyond me, but it takes all sorts; or as the french would have us say: Chaqun a son gout. ask him if you want...

Phil Ballantine's new page. A crazy Mountain Biker (who kinda wants a BMX instead) from Glasgow who likes Irn Bru.


Many of these people are also great friends. Hiya guys!

Stephanie's / Stephanie Kam's Homepage.

Southern Belle's homepage.

Chi or Chi Tah's Homepage.

Electro Shock's Homepage. He's got quite a few. This one's got links to the rest.

REPER'S homepage. Guess what? He's a hacker. Kinda explains the handle, really.

Greybeard Loon's Homepage. He's something senior in the Computing Service at the University of Essex. He's got a lot of interesting stuff on his homepage. Check out his trip to Tbilisi in Georgia.

TigerLilly's homepage. Well, as soon as I've seen it i'll give it some comments here, but for now, Tigerlilly is from Australia and her favourite hobby is chatting!

HOT ROD's Homepage. Hacker in training I think and he likes cars; hence the handle.

TETRA, much to everyone's intense annoyance does not have a homepage.

Have I been a bit silly and left you out? Send me the URL (your address) :)


Just Aquaria Web Site

The JAWS site - no, not the film, the Just Aquaria Web Site. Visit it for lots of useful info!

Tropica Aquarium Plants

Not strictly fish, but one of the nicest sites I've seen

A nice page of links

Hey, it saves me writing out the URL's, so why not? Lots of Discus links.

The Fishcam

The FISHCAM (Stills). See below for the other one. (More like a movie).

Need a Holiday with a Fishy Theme?

Ecotours including Fishy ones!

Fish Pictures

Lots of Pictures of Fish!


Check here to see how the campaign to move Bab 5 to a later time in the UK, (so it can be shown uncut) is going.

Pretty nifty episode guide to Babylon 5.


THE XXY FILES - It's funny; try it.

CRAZY STUFF TO DO ON THE WEB IF YOU'RE BORED:'s excellent Web chat program. Not particularly fast, but good for beginners...

SEND YOUR NAME INTO SPACE! Hey, while you're at it, search for Satan and Death! They're going too.

The Continuously updating FISHCAM.

Here's one for all you medics out there! (It can be a little nasty, You have been warned!) It's actually quite informative, and yes, it does change.

Ecotours including Fishy ones!


Some of the cool stuff (animations and 3D) on these pages is from:

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