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James's Homepage!

Important: a quick note about the nav bar on the left. The More button at the bottom let you move between the different navigation bars. Yes, I do have a lot of pages, hence the unusual setup.

Please note this site was totally screwed up because the domain name changed. I think I fixed everything, but please report dead links/non-loading files! Thanks!

GET YOUR MOPy FISHHERE!!!get your fish here!!!

Note: No Mac version available!

!NEW! Click here to see my latest photos from South Africa.!NEW!

Not quite so new- RED SEA PHOTOS - click here to see my pictures of the Red Sea.>

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Some people have said the only thing missing from this site was the kitchen sink so...

Here it is:-

This page was first created with the Hot Dog Pro Web Page Editor. These days I just edit things in notepad...

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