Welcome to my Chatting page!

Right for all of you who haven't heard, chatting is definately one of the best things you can do on the Internet. A number of different programs and web pages allow you to do this. But the best in my opinion is:

Chat Here!!! Because A) I go there ALL the time so I'm bound to know at least one person. And there are always lots of new people coming on. B) Because so many of those people are really cool and C)It's really easy to use. Not to forget D) It's like travelling around the world and meeting people without leaving your chair. A lot cheaper than Air fares!!!

And I have 2 of my own. Not very well used, but they're here if anyone wants them :)

Oh and just one last thing. Just in case any of you meet me, I use the handle Discus. Here's why:


Not a brilliant picture, but it'll do for now! No, before I get any snide comments, I don't actually look like that, it's just one of my favourite fish. And I've kept them too.

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And Finally Greetz... It's about time I got around to this.

In NO particular order (Other than that in which I've written it down).
Note: anyone who has a homepage that I know about has got a link here :)...

Hi to:

TETRA: Now Tetra is the Backbone of this chat room. Or that's my view anyway. If memory serves me right, he's the first person I ever met online. And if you haven't met him, you're either A) antisocial or B) keep very silly hours or perhaps C) are very unlucky... He lives in Canada, mostly in Toronto, but occasionaly you might be talking to him on a laptop from the wilds of Nova Scotia.

ARTET: Hmm, that seems to be the reverse of the one above, but no, actually 2 totally different people. Artet is a great laugh even if you can't understand what the hell the gibberish is he's typing or you have to spend hours deciphering the riddles he sets you :) *only kidding* :) Artet is currently at College somewhere in America. Can I remember where? No. But that's just my godawful memory playing up. His page has a lot of hacking type links of a fairly non malicious nature...

Stephanie:A really nice girl from Hong Kong. Meet her, she'll chat for hours on anything :) Hi Steph :) !!!

MistyBlue: A really nice person. I miss you lots. Hope IE fixes your problem of getting on to WWWChat!

Bigfoot: Well, Bigfoot lives somewhere in the wilds of Pennsylvania, with a big of forest outside his cave *JOKE*, which he shares with 2 cats one of them a very cute Maine Coon kitten. He works for a Human Resources software company, and is also attending college, which leads to a fairly hectic life...He has a website you might like to visit.

SUSAN: Susan's a pretty good friend. I guess with the kind of stuff we talk about she'd have to be :) Check out her webpage for more info.

TigerLillyThis Wacky person is from Australia. As far as I can work out, everyone in Australia is Mad. (meant in a nice way of course :) ) For more info, check out her page. I prefer to let people write their own descriptions :) Unfortunately, Tigerlilly has left us as her PC was repossessed. We'll miss you :(

Greybeard Loon: A proper English man!!! Lots of eccentricities :0) Look at his page. If you're English you'll probably laugh quite a lot, if you aren't then look at it anyway. Actually, I'll put his case a lot stronger and say that this is a MUST SEE!!! It really is a classic! *LOL* or *ROTFLMAO* have never been more apt...

Linzi: Is from South Africa and lives about 5 minutes away from my parents, which goes to show just how small the world is. We met in Beseen, which is a big coincidence! We'll be meeting in real life sometime soon - over the christmas period in fact! "Curiouser and curiouser", said Alice -A requested quote from Linzi. The full significance of which can only be ascertained by a visit to her website!

Jazmine/Tiffany: A woman whose hobbies include Men, Chatting, Men and Men. Or at least that's what she said the other day! I'd class her as among my best friends on the 'Net! :) Oh also an Australian!!! She owns a MOPy fish which was thriving, but it died (psst so does mine from time to time!). Incedentally a lot of people seem to be bent on the idea that getting at Jazmine is funny or something. Beware if you are in this category. I shall deal with you.

Darcy: Lives in "Hicksville" Pennsylvania; Look at her homepage for more. Hey, look at that, I'm in her L L FDs list! Cool. Rock on Darcy! *L*

Tee: He's from Indonesia somewhere. I'm afraid my memory fails me again, Tee!!! A great and very interesting person, who has now left the 'net :(

Sherri: Sherri used to come to beseen a lot in the past but now can more often be found pulling her hair out answering about a million people on ICQ. Ah, the price of fame and popularity :) !!!

Pinto: A Portuguese Medical Student who's often on the chat, but we haven't had much of a chance to chat really. Hope to get around to that soon!!!

Rebecca/Littlewood: A really nice person to chat to, but we haven't seen a lot of Rebecca around recently. One of the first peole I ever talked to. From Michigan, in the USA. She has a hompage, but I've lost the URL... :(

Shock/Electro Shock/ /|\@GE R@!$TL!|\|: Someone else has previosly described him as a 'Hackoholic' and I guess that's as good a description as any. He has about a billion pages on the 'Net but for the moment I don't have a URL for one... He's a fellow SCUBA diver and dives fairly regularly in lakes near his house. One of them sounds beautiful as it has tonnes of quartz and amethyst crystals in it. One hell of a lot more interesting than Dorothea or Vivian here in Wales, which are slate and algae...

^Here's shock in the morning *L*

Poison Candy: A cool girl from New York who I chatted to quite a lot a few months ago, but haven't seen for a while.

CLA: CLA has her own homepage, so check that out for more info!!! Also from New York. She and Poison Candy are cousins!

CACO Currently working hard at Intel. Well and truly back online now. Currently Duck Billed Platypuses seem to be an overriding passion, but I have yet to fathom this out. Hey, I'll get it eventually. See ya soon Caco.

Lou: Lou comes from Ireland (Belfast) and is a Queen's college there. She is deeply in love with Cyberscot, and there may even be plans for a short television piece on them... check the airwaves!

ATOMIK BOMB:Well, Atomic Bomb is Greybeard Loon's son (one of them, anyway). He's 13, addicted to the internet, and loves talking. Check out his homepage and be impressed.

Boop: Lives in Sweden. A regular on the chat, good friends with lots of people! Cheer Up Soon Jenny!!!

I know for a fact that my memory is crap I will probably have forgotten people. You should probably be here, so email me and remind me!!! Or just tell me next time we chat. And if you don't like your description tell me and I'll change it. To what you want even :)

My Stats:

Age: 21

Sex: Male

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Greenish

Ok, so i'm a little short. 1.75m /5'8"

weight if you insist: 72 kgs.

Location: Currently at the University or Wales, Bangor, studying Marine Biology - Actually I've just finished that, and I got a 2:1 (not TOO bad). Hopefully, I'll be doing an MSc in Ichthyology at Rhodes University in South Africa next. One of my major tasks over the last year was my honours project, something I spent far too much time on doing, but not enough time writing! I'm making a website out of it but it's not ready yet.

Hobbies: you can read more about them elsewhere, but briefly: The Internet/Computers, Anything fishy, SCUBA Diving, Reading. I also like to travel (Who doesn't?).

Click here to ask for more - be specific :)

Here's me underwater in the Red Sea!

There is a picture of me on this page - well a link, but it's well hidden :) When you can see this message you're in range of it.

Email me!